Nov. 2019 Edition

texas amps and axes newsletter

Texas Amps & Axes Newsletter:
Nov. 2019 Edition

Parents & Students,

We’re in our final 8 weeks of the Fall Semester! Here’s your “Need to Know” items to see you through the remainder of the semester.

What’s inside the this month’s Texas Amps & Axes Newsletter:

2019 Fall Recital

Get ready! Our 2019 Fall Recital Dates are Right Around the Corner!


Register Your Student Now... Less than 10 spots remaining open.

The Recitals Page has all of the information you need about our Winter Recital, including a link to the performance schedule, map to the venue, and more!

Helping Your Student Practice for their Recital Performance

  1. Practice your Piece Daily – Even if they just run through their song once a day, this daily repetition is great for helping them build up memorization and comfortability with their recital piece.
  2. Practice with a Metronome – Once a student is on stage, their adrenaline kicks it and they naturally want to speed up. Have your student practice alongside a metronome so they’re able to stay on tempo.
  3. Practice Introducing their Piece – We encourage all students to use the microphone to introduce their piece to the audience. Have them practice telling you what their piece is called before they play.
  4. Practice in front of Others – Create mini-concerts for your student at home and don’t be shy with the applause! The more encouragement you give them, the more confident they’ll be!
  5. Practice your bow/curtsey – After practicing their piece, have your student stand up and take a bow or curtsey!

Why are recitals important for your student? Check out this great blog from A Music Mom.

Thanksgiving Week

Optional Add-On Lessons will be available for the following teachers:   
Mrs. Robin, Mrs. Beth, Mrs. Shelley, Mrs. Jana, Mr. Travis, Mr. Mike, Mr. Richard, Mr. Jarod, Mr. Garrett & Mr. Ian

All spots are first come, first serve.  You can reserve a lesson by logging on to the MyMusicStaff Student Portal and registering for a time through the Calendar.  You can also email the studio at

This is a great opportunity to get an extra rehearsal in before the Winter Recital.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

― Aldous Huxley, Music at Night and Other Essays


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