The Texas Amps & Axes Experience

Our passion is music and we’re excited to have an opportunity to share it with you!
At Texas Amps & Axes, our goal is to pair your student with an instructor who will listen to your individual goals and customize a learning plan to help you achieve your desires for music. Each of our instructors takes time to understand your unique learning style and determine the best approach to coach and encourage you every step of your musical journey.

We look forward to getting to know you better and watching you develop into a confident performer and skilled musician!

We Specialize in Private, Customized Learning

Lesson Formats

All lessons are billed on the 1st of each month and pro-rated based on the number of weeks in that month.

30 Mins

Most Popular Pick – Perfect for Beginners and Busy Lifestyles!
Our 30 minute sessions include a lesson review, technique, theory, & new material assignments.

45 Mins

Ideal for Intermediate Students or Older Beginners. Our 45-min sessions allow additional time to address specific goals and supplemental music.

60 Mins

Recommended for Advanced Students & Adult Beginners. These 60-min sessions, we’ll take a deeper dive into technique & incorporate improvisation skills.

$41 per class | Avg. $164/mth

$57 per class | Avg. $228/mth

$73 per class | Avg. $292/mth

Looking for Group Lessons?

Check out our Musikgarten Program! Musikgarten is our Early Music Education Program, which specializes in group classes for ages 0 to 8 through active play, fun theory learning, and beginning piano for our younger students.

What We Teach

(Click label to see available times and teachers for each instrument).

Studio Policies

Registration Fees

Registration Fees are a one-time charge and due at enrollment.
$45 Single Student | $60 Family

A $15 Returning Student Fee will be required to re-enroll and re-activate a student/families account after a previous leave of absence.

Billing Information

  • Monthly tuition is due and payable by Auto-Draft on the 1st of each month. 
  • Monthly tuition DOES NOT INCLUDE curriculum. Curriculum will be added to your monthly invoice as assigned by the Teacher. 
  • Monthly Tuition will be pro-rated for 3-week and 5-week months, and for Studio Closures.
  • Accounts not paid in full by the 7th of the month will incur a $20 Late Fee
  • Failure to remit payment by the 10th of the month will result in forfeiture of lesson time. 

Curriculum Fees

  • Curriculum is an additional cost and assigned by your teacher.
  • Curriculum Fees vary by instrument.
  • Any assigned curriculum will be billed to your student account & included on your monthly invoice.
  • Assigned Curriculum can also be ordered directly from the TA&A Music Shop with a Studio Pick Up option.

Attendance & Make-Ups

  • Any lesson missed or cancelled on the Day Of the scheduled lesson, regardless of circumstances, is BILLABLE and will not be offered a Make-Up Credit.
  • When possible, rather than missing a class on the Day Of, we encourage students to move to an Online Class.
  • Any lesson cancelled prior to the Day Of the scheduled lessons, will be offered a Make Up Credit. 
  • Make Up Credits expire 60 days from the date of a missed class. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED FOR MISSED CLASSES OR UNSCHEDULED MAKE-UP CLASSES.
  • Informing your teacher IS NOT considered a valid cancellation. Please contact the Front Desk and NOT the teacher. Attendance notifications can be sent via email, call/text, or submitted in the Student Portal.
  • Any cancellation made by a Teacher will be issued a Make-Up Credit or by request, an account credit.
  • Due to the flat rate pricing of Group Classes & Ensemble Classes, these types of classes are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR a Make-Up Credit. Instead each session will have a Make-Up Class Day that can be attended. Students are required to enroll for this class due to capacity limits.

Recital Showcases

  • Studio Showcases are held bi-annually (Spring & Winter) and participation is highly encouraged as it is a valuable experience for all students.
  • Showcase Registration opens up Six (6) weeks prior to the show dates and space is limited.
  • DO NOT register without speaking FIRST to the Instructor to ensure that your student is ready.
  • Showcase Registration is Non-Refundable and Non-transferable.

    Click here to go to the Recital Showcase main page.

Withdrawal Policy

  • Any Student/Family wishing to discontinue lessons MUST submit a WRITTEN WITHDRAW to the Scheduling Team [scheduling@texasampsandaxes.com]
    • Informing your teacher IS NOT considered a valid cancellation. 
  • Withdraw Notices must be received by the 15th of the month to take effect at the end of the current month. Notices received after the 15th will take effect at the end of the next month. 
    • There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A student may withdraw their cancellation at any time before it takes effect but your teacher and/or time slot can not be guaranteed.
  • A $15 Returning Student Fee will be required to re-enroll and re-activate a student/families account once the withdrawal takes effect.

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