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Why Take Music Lessons?

There is a veritable TON of information and research documenting the benefits of Music Education for people of all ages.  We’ve collected a number of articles and videos talking about why you and your family should invest in music lessons at Texas Amps and Axes.



Instructor:  Tim


Instructors:  AJ, Byron, Jarod, JT, Richard

Bass Guitar

Instructor:  AJ


Instructor:  Mike


Instructor:  Richard


Instructors:  Carlos, Garrett, Ian, Jon, JT, Sydney, Tim, Travis


Instructor:  Mike


Instructor:  Tim

Instructor: Shelley


Instructor:  JT



Instructors:  Jana, Travis


Instructor:  Mike



Instructors:  Carlos, Ian, JT, Jon, Tim


Instructor:  Richard


Our School of Music specializes in private music lessons for all ages and levels. We believe in providing specialized lessons that are tailored to each student, depending on their musical interests and goals. We teach all styles of music, from classical to metal and everything in between. We want to share music with your student in the way that best speaks to them while making it a fun experience each and every time.

Savings Opportunities

Semester Plan: 15% off your lesson cost when you pay for the Semester in advance.

Sibling/Family Discount: 10% off the lesson cost for each additional student.

Active Military/First Responder Discount: We are proud to offer our active military and first responder families a 10% discount on your lesson cost. Please bring your military/responder ID to the office for this discount.


We do have a Registration fee, however this fee is per family. This Registration fee is $15.00 and is a one-time fee. This allows us to set your student up in our online student portal which can be accessed from any computer or smart device.

Additional Costs

Lesson Books & Materials are NOT included in your monthly tuition.

Recital Fee: $25/student (non-refundable)

Billing & Payment

A Family Registration Fee of $15 must be paid before a student is admitted to lessons. A student is not considered enrolled until this payment has been made.

Tuition must be paid by pre-authorized debit or pre-authorized credit cards. Payment will be automatically drafted on the 1st of the month or the 1st day of the semester if the semester start date falls later in the month.

  • Our Monthly Rates are as follows:
    • $145/month for 30-minute private music lessons.
    • $196/month for 45-minute private music lessons.
    • $240/month for 60-minute private music lessons.
    • Months with less than 3 weeks will be prorated to reflect the number of weeks.
    • Please call for group rate monthly billing details.
  • Any lessons cancelled with 24 hour notice or by the teacher during the current month are applied as a credit toward the invoice for the next month’s lessons, essentially ‘rolling them over’ to the next month.
  • Any Lesson NOT cancelled the required 24 hour notice is billable to the student and no lesson credit is awarded.
  • Any additional lessons taken during the current month will be billed on the invoice for the next month’s lessons.
  • Lesson credits never expire.
  • In addition to credit card payments, families are able to pay by ACH, Cash or Check with the understanding that we do still require a card on file to serve as a backup for billing. This card would only be charged if a Families’ account balance is not paid by the 15th of the month.

Studio Holidays & Instructor Vacations

The studio is closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day. If a student’s regularly-scheduled lesson falls on one of these days, the student has the option of scheduling a make-up lesson for the lesson missed or the if this is not possible, the lesson will not be billed.
The School of Music follows all major school breaks for Prosper ISD: Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break & Winter Break.

We DO NOT close for non-major breaks, days off, or teacher work-days.

Our Instructors all have families just like you. As such, we do give them the freedom to live their lives outside of the studio and encourage them to spend as much time with their families as possible. We’re also very proud to have professional musicians on our staff. This means there will be times when they will have to cancel lessons due to a gig.

As soon as we are aware of any teacher vacation needs or professional gig performance conflicts, we will reach out to reschedule lessons. Notice will be provided to students of a teacher outing, bearing an emergency leaves, at least 1 week prior.  Any lesson cancelled by a teacher is not billable and you will receive a lesson credit to use for a make-up session.

If you have any questions about tuition, please let us know – we’ll be happy to help!