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Instructor:  Tim


Instructors:  AJ, JT, Richard

Bass Guitar

Instructor:  AJ


Instructor:  Mike


Instructor:  Richard


Instructors:  Carlos, Garrett, Ian, Jon, JT, Sydney, Tim, Travis


Instructor:  Mike


Instructor:  Tim


Instructors:  Beth, Garrett, Jackie, Jana, Lisa, Mike, Richard, Sydney, Tim


Instructors:  Jana, Travis


Instructor:  Mike


Instructors: Beth, Garrett, Lisa, Mike Sydney


Instructors:  Carlos, Ian, JT, Jon, Tim


Instructor:  Richard


Instructor:  JT


Our School of Music specializes in private music lessons for all ages and levels. We believe in providing specialized lessons that are tailored to each student, depending on their musical interests and goals. We teach all styles of music, from classical to metal and everything in between. We want to share music with your student in the way that best speaks to them while making it a fun experience each and every time.


We do have a Registration fee, however this fee is per family. This Registration fee is $15.00 and is a one-time fee. This allows us to set your student up in our online student portal which can be accessed from any computer or smart device.

Savings Opportunities

Semester Plan: 15% off your lesson cost when you pay for the Semester in advance.

Sibling/Family Discount: 10% off the lesson cost for each additional student

Additional Costs

Lesson Books & Materials are NOT included in your monthly tuition.

Recital Fee: $25/student (non-refundable)


Tuition must be paid before a student is admitted to lessons. A student is not considered enrolled at until payment has been made. Tuition is must be made by automatic credit card, bank draft processing, or by cash, check or credit card in store. Families are highly encouraged to set up automatic credit card payment to prevent late fees from assessing.

Invoices for the upcoming month of lessons are auto-generated by the Student Portal based on the number of lessons a student is expected to attend for that month. These invoices are released in the system 3 days prior to the end of month. Please review your invoice and alert the studio immediately if you have any known dates you are scheduled for that you cannot attend. Every effort will be made to reschedule the student at a different time or credit for that lesson will be provided.

Payment is expected for all private lesson students enrolled at the by the 5th of the month. A Late Fee of $5.00 will be accessed on all accounts not paid by the 6th of the month. In the event that your student is unable to attend a lesson, we will issue a credit on your account for the missed lesson provided a 24 hour notice is submitted to the studio. These notifications should be called in or emailed to info@texasampsandaxes.com. Lessons that are not cancelled prior to 24 hours notice are billable to the student.

All families wishing to set up automatic credit card payment should complete and return this Payment Authorization Form. This form should be submitted in person or by mail. We do not recommend sending this information electronically.

Studio Holidays & Instructor Vacations

The studio is closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day. If a student’s regularly-scheduled lesson falls on one of these days, the student has the option of scheduling a make-up lesson for the lesson missed or the if this is not possible, the lesson will not be billed.
Additionally, The Music School follows the Prosper ISD School Calendar and does close for major school breaks: Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break & Christmas Break.

Our Instructors all have families just like you. As such, we do give them the freedom to live their lives outside of the studio and encourage them to spend as much time with their families as possible. At times, we may need to block out vacation time for our teachers to allow them to have that precious time with their family. Notice will be provided to students of a teacher outing, bearing an emergency leaves, 3 weeks prior to a scheduled outing.

If you have any questions about tuition, please let us know – we’ll be happy to help!


117 W. Broadway St.  Prosper, TX 75078

Music Shop Hours

Sun-Mon:  Closed
Tue-Fri:  10:30-6:30
Saturday:  11:30-5:30

School of Music Hours

Sunday:  Closed
Mon-Thu:  3:00-9:00
Friday:  3:00-7:00
Saturday:  11:00-5:00

Contact us

Phone: 469-296-6007
Email: info@texasampsandaxes.com