Instrument and Equipment Guide

Selecting the Right Gear

At Texas Amps & Axes we firmly believe that having the right gear is tantamount to a student’s continuous desire to learn and to have fun doing so. When students are learning on gear that falls out of tune easily, isn’t tuned correctly, and so on, it can quickly diminish their engagement because they can hear that the equipment isn’t making the right sounds.

Below we’ve put together some suggestions & recommendations to guide you on this path!

Buying vs. Renting an Instrument

With any new learner, we always recommend taking advantage of our student rental program for 2 months before you make a purchase for a new instrument.


Let’s be honest here, kids are fickle! Sometimes once they discover that it requires real work to learn an instrument, they lose interest. The last thing we want is for you to then be stuck with a $200 (or more) instrument that becomes a glorified dust collector.

We firmly believe that this 2-month buffer period is key to really gauging a student’s interest level AND it takes some of the pressure off too!

Digital Piano Recommendations

You don’t need anything super fancy to get started, and we recommend starting with a keyboard/digital piano before investing in a traditional piano.

Recommended Brands

● Casio* ● Roland* ● Yamaha

* Casio & Roland digital keyboards are carried in our store & available for purchase.Details to Consider

  • You don’t need 88 keys, 60+ keys is just fine.
  • If you’re spending more than $300, though, you should definitely find an option with all 88 keys.

Make sure the keys are weighted — that way, it will feel more like a real piano.

Renting Keyboards from TA&A

We do offer the option to rent a 88-key entry level keyboard for $27/month with a bench and x-frame. We rent out the Williams Allegro II which is a great starting point for new piano students up to 10 years old.

If you’re interested in renting from us, please contact us to find out about availability.

Piano Tuning

Leon Ziligson

We recommend Leon to all our families, he’s incredibly precise & thorough. Make sure to mention that you’re a student at Texas Amps & Axes!
Book appointments with him by calling, emailing or using his website.
Phone: 972. 965. 3858

Email: Website:

Guitar Recommendations

Our store carries a wide variety of guitars for the beginner & intermediate learner. We recommend coming in to “get fitted” for the guitar body style that best suits your size, skill level, & style!

Some of our favorite brands are Ibanez & Alvarez for beginners, but we have several other options too!

Percussion Recommendations

When you’re first learning how to play the drums, you don’t need anything fancy — in fact, for a early beginner a Remo Practice Pad is perfect!

Details to Consider

  • If noise will be an issue at your practice location, an electric set is your best option or purchasing mute pads for your kit!

  • If noise isn’t an issue, and you think it would inspire you to practice more, select an acoustic set.

  • Consider the space you have available, most acoustic kits are 5 pieces and you’ll need to allot a 3’ by 4’ space for setup. Jazz kits are normally 3 pieces and are great space savers if you’re working in a smaller space.

Renting Kits from TA&A

We do offer the option to rent Natal DNA kit for $27/month with a throne.
If you’re interested in renting from us, please contact us to find out about availability.

Brass & Woodwind Rentals

If you’re starting band or orchestra at school, please be sure to carefully review the instrument requirements from the school. Most schools have preferred brands they like to use with students. While we do not currently carry brass and woodwind instruments in the store, we can point you in the right direction – Music & Arts or Williams Music First in Frisco both typically carry the school-preferred rentals.

Our studio DOES carry needed accessories like reeds, valve oil, tuners & grease for these instruments.

Violin Rentals

Our violin teachers recommend the following businesses for renting a violin: Cadenza Violin in Plano.

Music Stands

Every musician, regardless of the instrument they play, needs a great music stand to hold their sheet music!

We recommend Manhasset Music Stands which are available in our store.  In addition to the music stand, we recommend have little magnets handy to keep your sheet music from falling 😉


Tuners are super important for any musician! Depending on your instrument of choice, you may require a tuner specific for that instrument or a universal tuner will work just find.

We proudly carry Peterson & Korg tuners for our band players, as well as Snark & pedal tuners for our guitar, violin, ukulele & cello players.

There are also some pretty decent mobile app tuners available too!

Rental Agreement

Texas Amps & Axes: Shop and School of Music shall be referred hereinafter as “Texas Amps & Axes” and the customer shall be referred hereinafter as “Renter”. Renter agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement as described herein:

Rental Items: Texas Amps & Axes offers a selection of rental instruments exclusively to its School of Music Students. Instruments rented out may be Brand New or Pre-owned. Pre-owned instruments have been previously certified by our on-site technician as being in exemplary working condition and possess new strings and include the necessary accessories specific to the instrument being rented. This includes instrument cases, bows, rosin, mouthpieces, etc as pertaining to the instrument.

Rental Fees: Rental Fee of all other instruments is $24.95(excluding taxes). The State of Texas requires that taxes be accessed on all rental items, with taxes your final monthly rental total is $27.01 per rented item, per month.

Rental Purchase Option:  We will apply 80% of your rental fee towards the purchase of the rented item, or toward the purchase of any other like instrument of equal or greater value. This special offer applies only if that item is purchased immediately at the end of the summer camp rental period and if rental instrument is returned in satisfactory condition.

Returns:  Instruments for Music Lessons at TA&A are for a maximum period of 1 year. The instrument must be returned to Texas Amps & Axes at 117 W. Broadway St. Prosper, Texas 75078 at the end of the rental period. Any instrument not returned at that time will be billed to the Renter. If an instrument is need for a period of longer than 1 year, a new rental agreement will be drawn up at that time with the same terms and conditions.

Credit Card Authorization:  All Renters must have a credit card on file with Texas Amps & Axes. This card will be billed for the initial rental period. Should the instrument not be returned after the last day of rental, the card on file will be charged for the full purchase amount of the rented item.

Replacement Coverage:  Renter is responsible and liable for the loss or damage of the rented equipment other than ordinary wear and tear. In the event of loss or theft, or damage beyond repair of rented equipment, Renter will be responsible for compensating Texas Amps & Axes in an amount equal to the Retail Purchase Price of the equipment in question. Proof of loss and circumstances satisfactory to Texas Amps & Axes will be required. For this coverage, rental account must be current and Renter must file a police report within 24 hours and notify Texas Amps & Axes within 48 hours.

Repair and Maintenance: Texas Amps & Axes will make the appropriate repairs and adjustments to keep the equipment in proper playing condition as long as the account is current. This does not include the restoration of finish, willful damage, careless handling, cleanings or replacement of expendable accessories such as but not limited to strings, rosin, reeds, etc. The Renter is responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the rental equipment.