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We've assembled a fantastic group of teachers - experts in the musical arts, with a diverse range of education, backgrounds and teaching styles so we can match our students with the perfect instructor.

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Our owners and staff at Texas Amps and Axes are passionate about serving the musical needs of Prosper and the surrounding communities, working hard to create the best environment possible for our music school students and store customers.

Iris Meneley

Co-Owner and Studio Director (AKA The Boss)

More than 15 years of experience in Accounting, Marketing, Management, and Public Relations has made Iris an adaptable and accomplished entrepreneur. She is also a music junkie of all genres with one of the most random and schizophrenic iPod playlists you’ve ever seen. And this was the perfect mix for running a music shop and school!

Iris LOVES meeting new students and parents and has an almost freakshow ability to remember names and faces (no, really…it’s fascinating). She absolutely loves meeting, greeting, and working with the students and families to help make the lesson experience exceptional for everyone who walks through the doors.

Iris is the backbone of the business with her determination to succeed and passion for students, teachers, and the Prosper community. It’s not uncommon for her to reach out to someone in need and offer help of any kind. And she genuinely means it. Iris’s family and TA&A staff asks that you kindly refrain from bringing any stray animals to Iris as she will try to take them home with her. However, please bring your dogs for a visit (she will also try to take them home with her, but we will intervene on your behalf and tell her no).

Iris is a fellow adult student and takes both Piano and Cello lessons; she’s been known to sub a piano lesson for beginner students in a pinch! (Iris is secretly a singer too, though we’re not allowed to talk about it.)

Jon Meneley

Founder and Co-Owner (AKA Big Jon)

Jon has a BA in Music Business from DBU and has over 18 years of teaching private guitar lessons to students of all ages. It was while pursuing his degree he came up with the idea for Texas Amps & Axes and here we are! 

Jon shares in the fun of running the business with his wife, Iris, while developing vendor relationships with companies such as Ibanez, Ernie Ball, Hal Leonard, and many more, to bring in quality inventory for the Music Shop. Over the last year Big Jon has added an online storefront through Reverb.com, which has expanded our reach and brought in new customers and students.

Jon is an accomplished performer and song composer. He and his band, Born & Raised, have been playing locally, regionally, and even nationally for over 10 years, and are community staples in the Dallas Metal Scene.

Using his love of composition and recording, one of Jon’s hobbies is creating and recording video game songs, which he shares on YouTube. They’re so good! And you can check them out here.

Jon has a deep love and appreciation of music that started when he was a small child, and he loves nothing more than to share the power and freedom of music with others.

Carlos Pulido

Shop Manager & Repair Tech (AKA Los)

Our resident shredder, Carlos, has a diverse and varied work background that includes food, retail, and entertainment industries. He started out with us as our Lead Sales Associate when we first opened and fell into guitar repair at the shop as demand increased for repairs. You can often find him tinkering at his bench whether it’s a custom repair, restring, or setup. And yes, his workbench is a mess, but he knows where everything is!

Los is also our gear guru. If you have a question about anything in the shop, he can help you out and can probably tell you exactly where it’s located and how to use it.

No stranger to guitars, Los started playing guitar when he was 9 years old and has acquired quite the guitar collection since then (he’s lost count of how many he has). To keep his shredding skills in top shape he plays guitar with Big Jon in Born & Raised and is also a sought-after guitar and bass sub for local acts.

Carlos’s most useless, yet entertaining, superpower, is movie and tv quotes. It’s like a second language for him. You will always win points with him if you can name that movie or show when he starts quoting something.

Gaela Renee Hall

Shop & Studio Manager (AKA VP of Miscellaneous Stuff)

Gaela worked in retail during her high school and college years followed by 15 years in the advertising industry. During her advertising career she honed her project management and organizational skills, which comes in handy when it comes to managing the various day-to-day tasks at Texas Amps & Axes.

Sometimes you’ll find GR in the studio and sometimes you’ll find her in the shop. She has a penchant for organizing things and making them look pretty, which she puts to good use whether she’s working on scheduling for the studio or merchandising in the shop. Gaela also helps with the student band management, shop & school social media, and vendor relationships.

She loves the energy of being surrounded by music and musicians while also being able to put her administrative talents to good use.

GR played clarinet in junior high but has never fancied herself a musician. Putting on her brave pants, she started taking Ukulele lessons in August 2021. She’s always had a special place in her heart for the adult students at the studio, more so now that she is taking lessons herself!

Fun Fact: Iris and Gaela are bestest best friends and met while working at the same bookstore during their college years in the early 2000s. Iris bribed Gaela into being her friend with offers of weekly dinners and watching Gilmore Girls together. They once had a dream of having a business together, but somehow never launched it (life, kids, careers, etc…).

A few years after Iris and Gaela established their friendship, Jon and Carlos met through a mutual friend who asked them to play a show with him. The show was a hit and their band, Born & Raised was…well…born. And they’ve been inseparable since!

As Jon and Iris began laying the foundation for Texas Amps & Axes, Carlos was brought onboard to help with the store. It took Gaela a little while longer to join the team, but we’re all glad she finally came to her senses.

Mike Naber

Website, Recitals, and Special Projects

Mike joined the TA&A Family in July 2018 and we are thrilled to have his expertise on hand! Mike is a UNT graduate with a Bachelor of Music (Concentration saxophone) and a minor in music education. He brings over 20 years of professional music experience as a performer, songwriter, lesson teacher, and music director.

Mike adds Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute to our curriculum studies here while also offering piano to our students, and he absolutely loves to pass on his experience and passion for music to the next generation of musicians.  “My goal is to find out the musical dreams of my students, and then together map out a path to get them where they want to be. Along the way, hopefully we can make it a really fun process while still working hard to grow.”

Along with teaching lessons, Mike works behind the scenes organizing studio projects like recitals and showcases, as well as helping with web design and communications.

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