About Us

Our story

Texas Amps & Axes: Shop and School of Music is a dream realized for Jon and Iris Meneley. It was on the windy hills of Dallas Baptist University where Jon and Iris attended school that this dream was first thought up. While Iris was banging her head against the wall in Calculus 4, Jon was busy working on his Capstone class project. That project for Jon was a labor of love and wonderment, a pipe dream of a place where local musicians like him could go to find top-quality merchandise and where budding musicians could find a home for lessons. That dream, is now realized in the form of Texas Amps & Axes.

Jon has a BA in Music Business from DBU and has over 10 years of teaching private guitar lessons to students of all ages. He is also an accomplished performer and song composer. He and his band, Born & Raised, who have been playing locally, regionally, and even nationally for the last 8 years, are community staples in the Dallas Metal Scene. Jon has a deep love and appreciation of music that has started when he was a small child and loves nothing more than to share the power and freedom of music with others.

Iris is a bit of a chameleon, with more than 15 years of experience in Accounting, Marketing, Management, and Public Relations. With a degree in Management, Iris loves nothing more than organizing things down to the most minute detail and filling her days meeting and understanding the needs of others. While not musically talented, Iris is music junkie of all genres with one of the most random and schizophrenic iPod play lists you’ve ever seen.

Together, Jon and Iris have 2 beautiful children who you are sure to meet at their store, and a shared passion for all things music. Jon and Iris are extremely excited to be part of the Prosper community and look forward to sharing their love of music with all.

Mission and Core Values

At Texas Amps & Axes, our Mission is to CONNECT with each student and their family, to INSPIRE a lifelong enjoyment of music & to EDUCATE our students at the highest musical levels possible. We value Family, Excellence in Learning, Teaching, Collaboration and of course Respect.


We expect our students and our families to stand alongside these values at all times, and we promise to always give you our very best!


Iris Meneley


Jon Meneley