Need Help with your Instrument?

Instrument Set-Up and Repair

Texas Amps & Axes offers on-site and even same-day instrument repair. From repairs as simple as re-stringing your guitar to bridge setups on violins or cellos, and even adjusting the fretboard on your guitar, our on-site technician has you covered.

An overview of our repair services and pricing is made available for you below. Please note that this pricing is subject to change based on the amount of repair needed and does not include materials required for the repair unless otherwise noted.

For more detailed information on our services, give us a call at 469-296-6007 or stop by the store with your instrument for our technician Carlos to take a look.

Instrument Setups

$35 – $70

Instrument Restring

$10 – $35
plus cost of the strings

Pickup Replacement

$20 – $40
plus cost of materials

Nut Replacement

plus cost of materials