Amplified Student Band Program

The Student Band Experience

Amplified is Texas Amps & Axes’s performance program, offering a fully encompassing  and authentic band program for its students. The Amplified Program is a fantastic means of teaching students how to improv, ear train, & of course how to work with other musicians. Our band members work with a Director but ultimately, the band members control the direction of the group.

Our bands start with an audition! Just like in real-world band development, an audition does not guarantee you a spot in the band. Why not? Because in order to create a successful band, you have to ensure that all band members are generally of a matching skill level so the band can progress forward. Members who are selected by the Director are required to sign a contract, again just like in real life. This contract outlines the time commitment for both the rehearsals and the at-home practice that is required of each band member.

The Amplified Program consists of a weekly group rehearsal where students learn by playing a variety of songs (chosen collectively by the Band Director & Band Members) with a band composed of their peers. Band Director’s help band members navigate each song while helping each member learn any new skills/techniques needed to master the song – all while helping each member find their personal performance style!  

Once the band is performance ready with a solid repertoire of 4-6 songs, the band starts gigging! 

When the bands are ready for it, and under the guidance of the Director, members will begin working on original music to be recorded in their very own LP.

Band/Ensemble Member Expectations

We have the highest of expectations of all Band/Ensemble Members! All performers are hand-picked from their auditioned and group by the Director into what we know will be TRULY complimentary of each other.  Once the band is established, they will work directly with Director to select songs for their performance. We expect each member to learn a solid repertoire of 4-6 songs. Once this is accomplished, we start gigging!

In order to keep the Amplified Band Program an elite and purposeful experience for all musicians, we expect a lot from each member! All Members will be expected to “up the ante” on their practice times, learn music faster, and gain top level production experience as part of the program.

100% Commitment from Members and their parents is required.



Band/Ensemble Group Costs

Participating in a band is not free, however, we work really hard to keep the cost down as much as possible.

All Bands have a weekly Rehearsal Fee of $25 per week (Average of $100 per month). Rehearsal Fees are BILLABLE REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE. In addition, there  is a $25 Materials & Management Fee required for each member per Term. This fee covers music costs, equipment maintenance, and booking fees.

Meet Our Amplified Bands

Dionysus is Texas Amps & Axes flagship student band and is the result of a summer collaboration project in 2022 combining members of the studio’s original student bands formed in 2018 and 2019.  As pioneers for the studio’s student band program, the band has had many performance opportunities in the community playing fun renditions of hits from bands like Deep Purple, Spacehog, Smashing Pumpkins, Sweet, Rush & more! 


In addition to playing cover songs, the band also performs original music and is in the process of releasing their first original single written by lead singer, Ione Brown. 


Dionysus is made up of Ione Brown (guitar, vocals), Hunter Egan (lead guitar), Hayden Fletcher (drums, guitar) and Isaac Slagle (bass). 


Expanding our Amplified Student Band Program, 21 Green Roses was formed in Fall 2022 with members Macie Martin on vocals and lead guitar, Alayna Poupko on bass, and Alanna Slater on drums. 21 Green Roses thrives on music from the 80s & 90s and are making waves banging out popular covers from bands like Bon Jovi, Guns N’ Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, AC/DC.


Student Band Director, J.T. Longoria, plays bass, drums, or guitars as needed alongside this up and coming group of performers. 


Gracie Lou & the No-More than Two

Description Coming Soon!