Student Bands

The Band Experience

Our goal is to provide all band members with an authentic band experience. Student Bands and groups are a fanatic means of teaching students how to improv, ear train, & of course how to work with other musicians. Our band members work with a Director but ultimately, the band members control the direction of the group.

Our bands start with an audition! Just like in real-world band development, an audition does not guarantee you a spot in the band. Why not? Because in order to create a successful band, you have to ensure that all band members are generally of a matching skill level so the band can progress forwardly. Members who are selected by the Director are required to sign a contract, again just like in real life. This contract outlines the time commitment for both the rehearsals and the at-home practice that is required of each band member.

Depending on the band level, rehearsals will be every 2-3 weeks. Attendance of all band members is required.

Each band works with the Director to select songs for their performances. Songs will be of an eclectic nature so we can ensure our bands are exposed to a variety of genres and music styles.

Once a band has a solid repertoire of 4-6 songs, the Band Director and the TA&A Staff will begin booking local shows and appearances for the band. Our goal is to book 2-3 shows per semester for each band, in addition, they can expect to perform 1-2 songs in the end of semester recital.

Band/Group Costs

Participating in a band is not free, however, we work really hard to keep the cost down as much as possible. The rehearsal fee is dependent on the number of band members, but you can expect to the cost to range from $20 – 40 for each 60 minute rehearsal.

In addition to the rehearsal fees, there is also a $25 studio management fee & a $20 t-shirt fee.


Texas Amps & Axes launched its first ever Rock Band Group, called Amplified, in Spring of 2018.  Amplified has been a huge success for the studio, offering its members multiple performance opportunities in the community, and has served as an inspiration to many of our younger students.

We are pleased to launch more bands this fall!