Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We LOVE working with adults! We’re happy to teach students young in age and young at heart!  You can check out our adult lessons page HERE.

Not at this time. All lessons are held onsite at our studio proudly located in Downtown Prosper.

Our studio offers lessons designed for kids at many age levels. If a kiddo is passionate about an instrument, we want to help foster that as much as possible. Also, some kids are fully ready for lessons at age 5 and some are not – a trial lesson is a great way to assess their readiness.

We do have some recommended ages for learning different instruments – these are ages we’ve found kids to be the most successful in their start:

  • Pre-Piano & Intro to Music: birth to 5 years old (MusikGarten specialization)
  • Private Piano: 5 years old
  • Violin, Viola, Cello: 7 years old
  • Guitar, Bass, Ukulele: 7 years old
  • Drums: 7 years old
  • Voice: 7 years old

Our teachers are educated in various styles of music and can help you learn in a way that is fun and exciting. We utilize a variety of learning curriculum based on the age and interest of each student. In addition, we supplement with music that you enjoy and that is suitable for your current skill level, and then they’ll coach you toward successfully learning to play it. All students are encouraged and expected to practice at home and will have a weekly assignment to do at home to keep your progress on track.

We stand behind out lessons 100%! If you’re ever unhappy with any part of your lesson, please contact our office and we’ll make it right.

After each lesson, teachers will fill out lesson notes for the lesson. These notes include progress updates, homework assignments & any notes that the teacher feels needs to be communicated to the parent. These may include notes about class behavior or attention span to requests for a one-on-one meeting for a parent to address any concerns. If an any time, you want to setup a meeting with your teacher, please contact the office and we’ll get you added to their schedule immediately.

Having an at home instrument is absolutely critical and necessary for taking lessons with us. It is impossible to move forward in learning if a student is not able to practice at home. Our onsite store offers a variety of instrument options for purchase and or rental as well.

We would absolutely love for you to come by and tour the school! Feel free to swing by at any time or give us a call to schedule a tour. We school is open Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm for tours.

We are located in Downtown Prosper between Main Street and Coleman Ave on Broadway Street. We are just across the street from the legendary – The Cotton Gin Cafe.  (Click Here for Address and Google Map).

Our studios have parking directly in front of our building as well as across the street.

We offer group lessons through the MusikGarten program for Intro to Music, Pre-Piano and Piano for the Early Beginner. Additionally, we have several student bands and ensembles for performances.

Absolutely! Each year we offer a variety of camp options. They vary by the year but typically include ukulele, guitar, & piano.  Click Here to go to the 2019 Camps page.

That’s perfect! We love working with a blank canvas and teaching them how to paint their own unique musical creation!

Trial Lesson Questions

You can sign up for a free trial lesson by filling out our online registration here:

You can also stop in or give us a call to help you get this booked.

We’d love to help you with that. We address this in a two-fold fashion – 1) teacher availability matching your availability & 2) your ultimate learning goals
Teacher bios are available on our website and can help you pinpoint personalities that might be a better fit for your student.

View Teacher Bios Here

That depends…

Piano & voice students need only bring themselves and if they’ve had any previous instruction, the curriculum they previously used so we can evaluate where they’re at skillswise.

Drum students should bring sticks with them. We have studio sticks and sticks for purchase in our onsite store as well.

Guitar, strings & woodwind students should bring their instrument with them. If you do not yet have an instrument, please notify the studio so we can assist you with a rental to use in the trial.


Our School of Music is located on the second floor of our facility. When you come in, take the stairs and check in at the office located on the right as you exit the stairs. One of our owners or studio staff members will give you a tour and help you find your class room.

Fantastic! Let’s get you scheduled!
While you can book your lessons directly online, we kindly ask that you visit the office or give us a call at 469-296-6007 to book your lessons so that we can ensure everything is setup exactly the way you want it!

If something comes up and you are not able to make your trial lesson, please notify us immediately. If we know 24 hours or more in advance, we can easily reschedule to a time that works better.  In the event you notify us the same day as your trial that you cannot attend, we will book your trial but their will be a rebooking fee of $15 to cover a portion of the teacher’s pay for that time.


We offer 30, 45, & 60 lessons. Please check out our Lessons Page for the most up-to-date lesson fees.

All students are required to keep a card on file for billing purposes.

Invoices go out on the 1st of each month for the number of expected that month. The monthly average is 4 lessons per month. On occasion, some months will have 3 or 5 weeks of lessons.

Any scheduling changes,  made by the student,  teacher or studio,  that are received after the 1st of each month, will be credited on the NEXT Invoice.  For details on  attendance cancellations, please review out Attendance Policies.

Your invoice will be emailed to you on the 1st of each month and are due upon receipt. Any balance not paid in full within 10 days of  invoice date will incur a late fee of $10.  Failure to remit payment by the 15th will result in forfeiture of your lesson time.

To ensure that you receive your monthly invoice, please add the email address to your email safe list.

Payment for lessons must be made in advance but can be done so in a weekly, monthly or semester charge fashion.

Please be sure to communicate to the office staff your billing preference so we can set up your account accordingly.


All students are required to keep a card on file. You can set up auto-draft or ACH for payments or you can pay via cash or check in the office.

We bill in advance for the number of lessons we anticipate the student taking each month. Billing is sent out on the 1st of the month.

If you alert us of the cancellation AHEAD of the 1st, we can proactively adjust your invoice.

If you notify us AFTER the 1st, we will bill you based on the anticipated schedule.
Schedule adjustments submitted after the 1st of the month will appear as credits on the following month’s invoice. As a reminder, same day cancellations are billable to your account.


You can schedule a lesson with us by creating an account in our Student Portal and then using the scheduler to isolate to the instrument and/or teacher of your choice.  Please note that the system will not let you “join” a time that is less than 48 hours from the start day and time.

You can also call or email us to have our team assist you with scheduling. Call us at (469) 296-6007 or email us at

If you need to reschedule a lesson, you can do so by giving us a call or emailing us. Please note that Same Day cancellations are billable to your student account, so be sure to give us as much notice as possible. Additionally, we are not able to move your time on the day of. Teachers receive their teaching schedule at 10 PM the day prior and make their plans for the day based on that schedule. As a matter of courtesy to their personal lives, we will not move you to a later time in the day.

Students who have a recurring lesson each week make much more progress toward their goals!

If you’d like to reserve the same lesson time and instructor each week, please let us know your availability. Our office will work with you to schedule a regular lesson that meets your needs.

Our most popular times are Monday through Friday, 4pm – 6pm, and these slots tend to fill quite quickly.

If your preferred lesson time is taken, we will put you on a waitlist and let you know if that slot becomes available. Until that time, we encourage you to find a secondary time that works for your schedule.

We work hard to make schedules more convenient for families and siblings, and try to schedule you within the same half hour or hour. This largely depends on the time and day that you prefer, and the availability of teachers.

Please send us an email to let us know your needs and we’ll work with you to find the most convenient recurring lessons for your family.

We can only hold spots for 3 weeks. If you are taking a longer vacation, you may lose your spot and have to find a new one upon your return.

We offer lessons six days a week and work hard to be flexible enough to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.

Every Other Week lessons are available outside our peak studio hours (before 3:30 pm or after 6:30 pm). These sessions are available in 30, 45 or 60 minute formats.

Pricing for Every Other Week lessons is as follows:
$48 for 30 Mins | $66 for 45 Mins | $84 for 60 Mins

If your schedule changes quite frequently, you may also elect to schedule one-off lessons on a regular basis, but please note that this may result in working with more than one teacher.
Drop In Lessons are only available in 45 minute and 60 minute formats, pricing is as follows:
45-min Drop In Lesson: $70 | 60-min Drop In Lesson: $90

For billing purposes, we invoice in advance for a set number of lessons each month, and provide you with a credit for any unused lessons on the following month’s invoice.


Our studio has a Same-Day Cancellation Policy. This means that any lesson cancelled the day of is billable to a student’s account, there are no exceptions to this policy.  If a lesson is cancelled prior to the day of the scheduled lesson will be credited to their account.

You can cancel a lesson online via the student portal, by phone or by email.
Student Portal:
Phone: (469) 296-6007

You can hold your lesson time slot for three weeks. If you need more time, then please notify us no later than the 5th of the month for discontinuation effective the following month.  
When you are ready to come back, we will work with you to find a convenient time slot.

If you’d like to permanently discontinue lessons, we kindly ask that you notify the office 2 weeks in advance via written notice. Please email that to us at with DISCONTINUE in the Subject line.
Once that is received, we will audit your account to ensure any paid amounts beyond the 2 week notice are refunded to the card on your account.
In the event that your account has an open balance, that open balance will immediately be charged to your account and a final receipt/invoice sent to you promptly.

We understand that kids get sick, and that you can’t predict this, but out of respect for our teachers, their time and livelihood, we have to charge for any cancellation made with same day notice.
We appreciate your understanding.

Further, we ask that if your student is showing symptoms including fever, runny nose, coughing, please refrain from bringing them to a lesson.

We are always happy to pivot to an online lesson for students who are not well enough to attend in person.  We appreciate your help in keeping our studio and team healthy!

Teachers are people too and sometimes they have things that pop up in their lives that prevent them from coming in. Additionally, we are blessed to have several professional and touring musicians teaching at our studio. In the event a teacher gets sick, has to take off for a musical performance, or tackle one of life’s curve balls, we will notify you as soon as we are alerted to the absence via email, phone and/or text message.
In some instances, we are able to have another teacher step in and substitute the lesson. At times, this isn’t always an option due to scheduling. Either way, we will give you the parent the option to proceed with the regularly scheduled lesson with a substitute or we’ll simply credit your account for the lesson.

We follow the direction of Prosper ISD for all weather related updates and/or cancellations. 

In the event that Prosper ISD cancels school or after-school activities, lessons will be moved online or cancelled.

Announcements of weather-related closures, delays or moves to an online format will be made on our website, social media pages, and alerts will be sent via email.

Lessons and programs cancelled for this reason will be credited to your account.