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Summer Teaching Days:  Monday, Thursday

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About Me...

Affectionately and professionally known as, Baritone Mkenzie, Baritone is a widely ranged Mezzo Soprano with more than 20 years of vocal performance, teaching, and vocal acumen.  Singing and Songwriting has brought her to wonderful experiences, lessons & achievements, including a 2x Grammy Award win, for her contribution to the historical album “Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper.  

Her vocal training began at the prestigious Choir Academy of Harlem in New York City. There is where her long-standing professional career in music was conceived.  And as her degree was completed she ventured into touring professionally as a supporting and lead vocalist.  Baritone also completed education in Audio Engineering as she found a love for live and studio sound.

Keisha performs on stages, and television screens all over many countries singing a variety of genres and styles.  Her love for meeting people where they are in their vocal development journey allows her to keep this evolving cycle of great music growing in the world. 

Keisha’s motto is, “Anyone with a voice has the ability to sing.  Anyone willing to explore that is worth giving vocal development a try!”

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